With yet another spring snowstorm setting its sights on south-central Minnesota, the Mankato Department of Public Safety is asking people to drive like its still winter.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel.

“We’ve started to get used to dry pavement and some of the roads being better for our driving conditions,” said Mankato Police Commander Dan Schisel, “If the rain now turns to ice and snow that means we’re going to have to slow down. We’re going to have to put everything down and just focus on our driving.”

Schisel is also asking drivers not to venture out if the predicted two-tenths to a half-inch of ice coats the roads. He explained, “With ice, there’s not a lot that you can do other than probably stay off the roads and try to stay home when it switches to ice.”

He added that people who do encounter a spinout or a crash should not get out of their vehicles but, “Call your local law enforcement agency, letting them know there’s a vehicle and give them a plate number and a description and that you don’t know if anybody is in it or not and maybe emergency personnel can go and check on it.”

Schisel said it’s also important to give emergency crews plenty of room when they see flashing lights ahead.