A man with no known address is facing assault charges and one count of disorderly conduct, after an incident that took place when his ex allowed him to spend time with the children she has sole custody of.

Mankato Police responded to a report of a domestic incident near Jaycee Park and spoke to a woman and her two children. She told investigators that she had been separated from the father of the kids for two years, but recently 23-year-old Abdullah Alsulaiman reached out by email to arrange a visit with the children and she agreed.

The criminal complaint shows that all four went to lunch at Culvers, but in the car afterward, the kids began to argue and the woman says Alsulaiman became frustrated by that and threw a shoe at one of them and also tried to hit the child with a flyswatter.

When the mom intervened she says Alsulaiman slapped her first in the hand and then hit her in the chest. She made him get out of the vehicle and says he drove away in another car.

The woman told officers she does not have his current phone number or address, so they have asked for a warrant for Alsulaiman’s arrest.