Mankato Police continue to make progress in the search for a missing Mankato woman.

Missing Mankato woman 46-year-old Wendy Khan.

Commander Matt DuRose said 46-year-old Wendy Khan hasn’t been in touch with loved ones for a week and, “Family who was in the area called and reported her being missing. They hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days, which is uncharacteristic for her.”

The department reached out to the media Thursday night and DuRose said that effort paid off because, “We were able to locate Ms. Kahn’s vehicle in the city of Mankato. Due to the press release, somebody saw it and called it in.”

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Matt DuRose.

DuRose said they hope a search of Khan’s 2011 black Nissan Sentra may help them find her. “We’re currently looking through it, seeing if there are any clues or indications to Ms. Kahn’s whereabouts. We’re still looking into that and tracking down any other leads that we can,” he explained.

At this point, DuRose says they don’t believe she has come to any harm. “We don’t have any information now that there’s any foul play that’s suspected but, according to family, this is just very uncharacteristic for her so, because of that, we’re going to pay more attention to that and we want to make sure we can find her,” he said, and added, “And now the fact that we found her vehicle and she was not with it just makes us more aware that this is very uncharacteristic for her.”

Anyone with information about where Khan may be found should contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety by calling 911.