It’s been more than two months since a Mankato woman was last in touch with family and friends, and the Mankato Department of Public Safety continues to search for Wendy Kahn.

Missing Mankato woman 46-year-old Wendy Khan.

Commander Jeremy Clifton said it’s unusual for anyone in this connected day and age to disappear for months without leaving a financial trail or one on the internet. “It is unusual,” he stated. “Highly unusual for this community, a very tight-knit community, family-oriented community.”

Khan, 46, last had contact with her daughter on June 1st and has not been in touch with friends or family since. Clifton said tips have trickled in during the weeks since, including one of a possible sighting recently in Shakopee, which is still being investigated. The investigator added that the person who reported the sighting did not know Kahn and, “You’re trying to work through how seeing a driver’s license photo we pushed out and whether or not you’d actually recognize that person in the community in passing? But we’re not ruling out any tip at all right now.”

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton.

Because Khan’s disappearance coincided with significant flooding in June, Clifton said they have also searched the Minnesota River and several other bodies of water in the region. “We have a lot of waterways in and around Mankato, obviously,” he said, “So we have done some things. Some of those were following up on genuine tips to determine whether or not the tip could help us work through this mystery.”

The search has gone not just outstate but nationwide, and Clifton said they’ve spoken to people in Pennsylvania and other areas tied to Kahn including, “Past friends, past relative, past acquaintances, past schooling, past education and the list goes on and on and on. We are vigorously pursuing any avenue we can find to try to find her whereabouts.”

Clifton explained, “We have not ruled completely out that something may have happened to her criminal in nature. It’s highly suspicious for a person to go missing, as we’ve talked about, for this long without leaving some sort of footprint in the sand somewhere.”

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension helped with a search of Khan’s home soon after she was reported missing, and Clifton said the results did not bring them closer to finding her but were helpful in ruling many things out.