As the Mankato Department of Public Safety continues to look for a man suspected of trying to lure a child away from a city park, officers are praising the child for taking the right steps to ensure her safety.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel.

Commander Dan Schisel said the nine-year-old girl did everything right. “In this situation, the girl didn’t know this person at all and she stayed away.”

And that’s the advice he’d give to others approached by a stranger, “Stay away and get out of there.” The child went immediately home and told her parents what had taken place, and Schisel said they then contacted police.

Schisel does suggest that buddy system is a good way to keep kids safer and, “We would always encourage people to go the park with friends or family and, depending on the age, make sure there is adult supervision there.”

Police are looking for a man in his early 30’s with an average build, a bald head, and facial stubble. He was wearing glasses and was driving a white four-door sedan.