The Mankato Department of Public Safety said two Minnesota State University – Mankato students were swindled by a long-time fraudster from out of state.

The victims told investigators that they had posted their campus apartment on Craigslist, looking to sublease it, when they were contacted by 31-year-old Coresha Henry of Sumter, South Carolina. The tenants were required to pay a fee of nearly $700 in connection with subleasing the space, and Henry agreed to pay it initially if the students later deposited the money into her Wells Fargo bank account.

After the students made the deposits, they said they received an email confirmation that appeared to be from MSU that the fee had been paid. However, they placed a call to the college and learned that no such payment had been received.

The criminal complaint shows that Wells Fargo said similar circumstances were previously reported to the bank regarding Henry’s account.

The victims were told the bank couldn’t refund the money because it had already been withdrawn.

Court records show Henry has an active felony warrant in Georgia, was convicted of felony forgery in that state last year, and three South Carolina convictions for credit card theft in 2009.