The Mankato Department of Public Safety is sounding the alert, after a suspicious incident involving the Hardee’s restaurant Tuesday night.

Commander Matt DuRose said the store got a call from someone claiming to be with their corporate office. “Employees received a phone call from someone who was inquiring about money in the tiil, number of employees who were working, tried to get the employees to take that money to the bank and do a pre-arranged drop-off,” he explained.

But DuRose said the fast food workers didn’t fall for it and, “Became suspicious of the phone call, did some digging of their own, and determined that it was not, in fact, somebody from their corporate office that had called them.”

He praised the restaurant and it’s workers for getting police involved. Du Rose said, “We are not able to determine who made the call at this time but, certainly, credit goes to the employees for recognizing that suspicion and following probably what their gut was telling them – that it wasn’t a legitimate phone call – and contacting us.”

DuRose suspects the caller, “May be after money, they may be after staffing numbers to try to figure out when there is low staffing levels at the facility without having to go in there. Ultimately, we’re not positive about what their end game might be but more than likely they are trying to scam money.”

Other businesses, he said, should be alert to the possibility of receiving such a call, and DuRose urges them to get in touch with police if they do because, “That brings it to our attention so we can take an opportunity like this to educate everyone and just remind everybody to be a little bit suspicious when receiving phone calls like this.”