Mankato residents have the opportunity on Thursday night to give input on street, parks, utilities and facilities projects that are proposed for 2019 as City Staff develop the Community Investment Plan.

Alison Zelms

Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms.

The investment plan helps mold the financial piece for projects in the strategic plan and master plan, according to Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms.

“We plan for a lot of things, being able to actually program them in financially is a challenge. So, the big aspect of the Community Investment Plan is we’ve either funded or planned over the next four years, ensuing, to do something. That plan helps us leverage dollars and really be able to bring forward the financial piece.”

Officials will gather the public input to help identify and prioritize projects, but Zelms adds that a major portion of budgeting for items includes projects that will maintain current infrastructure.

“Maintaining what we have gives us that level of infrastructure that allows us then to make good decisions about enhancements and further amenities. Like Franklin Rogers Park, building Riverfront Park, being able to leverage dollars with the State to bring the Grand Hall to fruition. Those types of things.”

The open house Thursday night begins at 6 p.m. in the first-floor banquet hall inside the Verizon Center.