A Mankato Democrat is eagerly awaiting the details of a school security proposal Governor Mark Dayton vowed to unveil this week.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

State Representative Jack Considine was co-author of two bills he said would be a step toward addressing the threat of gun violence in school. He said the vast majority of Minnesotans support the idea of expanding criminal background checks for gun purchasers, and he doesn’t believe that’s an infringement on people’s Second Amendment rights.

He added, “There is plenty of evidence that shows that even with the ones in gun shops they have been able to deter a large number of people that shouldn’t be owning guns.”

The second bill would have allowed police to confiscate someone’s guns if they were suspected of being in the midst of a mental health crisis, and return them after an assessment was completed and they were found not to be a danger. “There was also a provision in there that stated anyone making a malicious report would be prosecuted,” he explained, “Perjury is a felony.”

Both bills were tabled in the Public Safety Committee, and Considine doubts they’ll be picked back up this session. He’s hopeful similar proposals will be included in Dayton’s plan to improve school security statewide.

What does he hope not to see outlined in that proposal? “I think it is the most idiotic and stupid idea in the world to arm teachers,” Considine stated.

Among other things, he said a recent Facebook post featuring an older, female teacher drove one clear point home for him. Considine said, “It showed a woman that was probably close to my age and it said, ‘Sure, arm me. Now watch me spring into action.’ And, much like myself, it took her about ten seconds to get up out of the chair.”

Considine believes that some of the possibilities in the proposal could be the state funding of increased numbers of metal detectors or armed officers at public schools.