Police in Mankato continue to search for a 19-year-old college student who has now been missing for nearly two weeks.


Mankato DPS Commander Dan Schisel said Morgan Stolee was last seen February 7th when she abruptly left work around 10 p.m., and he believes, “Somebody knows something. Somebody…somebody knows.”

College student Morgan Stollee of Mankato has been missing since February 7th.

Morgan still has not been in touch with friends or family, has not logged onto social media, and there has been no activity on her accounts. Schisel said, “It’s uncharacteristic of her to be gone this long and not have any contact, so as time goes on it does become more concerning.”

They are also searching for Morgan’s car, a dark purple 2011 Ford Fusion with Minnesota license plate 350-UXH. Schisel said the car is registered to her parents, and it is now listed as stolen. He added that it’s, “Kind of a gray area, just because she did have permission but now she’s missing so at some point the parents are deprived of that vehicle – not knowing whether or not she still has the vehicle in her possession.”

The intent of listing the car as stolen is the hope that it will travel through an area where law enforcement uses license plate readers, Schisel said, and they can then pinpoint the location.

Even with the stolen car declaration, Schisel emphasized that Morgan is not in any trouble with police and, “Someone knows some information; we just need that person to come forward. Again, she’s an adult and she can be where she wants to be. We just want to make sure she’s not under any circumstances that would put her in harms way and that she is where she wants to be on her free will.”

Morgan may be with Trevor Newman of Belle Plaine.

An electronic device that belongs to her pinged off a cell phone tower in northern Minnesota, near McGregor, the morning after Morgan was last seen.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and several other agencies are helping with the investigation into her disappearance.