Four members of the Mankato Walmart will skydive on Tuesday evening as part of their annual fundraiser to bring attention to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Personnel Coordinator Sheldon Meyer says they feel lucky to do the event for people who can’t.

“You know, I don’t know if you could put a value on it, to be honest with you. Because I personally know two young children, two-years-old and maybe a year-and-a-half that have personally received benefits, medical benefits, and it changed their life forever,” said Meyer. “Let’s face it, we are part of the community, Walmart is, we know we’re the best Walmart around and we like being here in Mankato.”

After raising 9-thousand dollars last year, the Mankato Walmart is aiming to raise 12-thousand dollars this year.

“Children’s Miracle Network itself is the largest recipient from Walmart in general, for the upper, I’ll say five-state area. I know from last year that people mentioned something to me about three months later, oh yeah, that you guys did that. So, this has a longer lasting effect than just a one day blip and blurb in the news.”

The public is invited to watch the four Walmart employees skydive from 10-thousand feet at the Mankato Regional Airport. The event is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m.