A 27-year-old Mankato woman is facing several charges after police say an she assaulted nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System – Mankato when the patient was told she was being taken to detox.

Mankato Police say Candace Tolentino was taken to the E.D. by a friend because she was highly intoxicated and incoherent. The criminal complaint shows there were numerous narcotics in her system, including cocaine and methamphetamine.

After she was told that she was taken to the detox center in New Ulm, the nurse says Tolentino began threatening her, including making her fingers resemble a gun and jabbing it at the victim while making threats.

Tolentino is charged with felony making threats of violence, gross misdemeanor assault, and disorderly conduct.

Investigators added that just five days earlier Tolentino was sentenced for Domestic Assault for making similar threats about a former romantic partner. In addition, she has a conviction for an assault on a police officer and a significant criminal history for person based offenses out of state.