A 36-year-old Mankato woman is accused of showing up at her estranged husband’s medical appointment at Mayo Clinic Health Systems Mankato and assaulting him.

Mankato Police say the victim told investigators that he had been separated from Rebecca Kiewatt for about six months, and a no-contact order is in place. The man says when he saw her at the hospital he texted, telling her to go home, but she refused to leave and started screaming at him.

The criminal complaint shows that Kiewatt slapped her soon-to-be ex in the head and then left the clinic with the couple’s 17-month-old child in tow.

Investigators say Kiewatt admitted that she showed up at the clinic, and she “flipped out” and was angry because another person accompanied the victim to his appointment.

She is charged with domestic assault and disorderly conduct.