A Mankato woman is facing child endangerment and drug and syringe possession charges, after a Blue Earth County probation officer said drugs found in her home were accessible to her 7-year-old child.

Officials say 27-year-old Miranda Walker’s apartment was searched under the terms of her probation, and used syringes, one glass and one metal pipe coated in meth residue, and lines of cocaine laid out on a piece of glass were found.

A search warrant was issued, and Mankato Police said a glass pipe was found in Walker’s dresser drawer, baggies of meth were discovered under her bed, and another glass and a second metal pipe were found in her bedroom.

At the Blue Earth County Jail, the criminal complaint shows that staff found a small baggie of meth and two others that contained meth residue. Jailers say she admitted to having eaten some of the meth.

Court documents show that Walker has two prior felony level drug convictions.