A Mayo Clinic expert is reminding parents ahead of the start of a new school year that filling up for learning is a good start, but it’s only half of their assignment.

Mayo Clinic family medicine physician Dr. Tina Ardon said, “It’s important to have breakfast before you begin your day, but also to have the right type of breakfast as well.”

Ardon said a healthy breakfast helps improve a student’s mood and his or her level of concentration and added, “Studies actually indicate, too, that people who consistently eat breakfast throughout their lives tend to be at a healthier weight, as well.”

Before-school meals, according to Ardon, should include a combination of good protein, fiber and carbohydrates and, “The right combination of those ingredients is better for our kids because they release sugar over a slow period of time and help them stay fuller longer and be able to concentrate better in school.”.

Dr. Ardon suggests breakfasts like a vegetable breakfast burrito or a whole-grain waffle topped with peanut butter, or a parfait made with plain yogurt and real fruit.