Mayo Clinic is responding to the CNN story “Escape from Mayo Clinic” about a patient that was cared for during 2016-2017, saying the portrayal of the story as reported is inaccurate and incomplete.

In the piece, an 18-year-old Sherburne patient and her mother claim that the hospital in Rochester “medically kidnapped” Alyssa Gilderhus after continued disagreements between her mother Amber Engebretson and rehabilitation staff concerning her care following a brain aneurysm.

Mayo Clinic officials save released a statement that says, “Patient safety is always our highest priority, and it is at the forefront of the care we deliver to each patient. We are unwavering in our dedication to do what is best for every patient, every time. This patient’s case was no exception. This case was escalated to the highest level of leadership, and the care team worked with this family on a daily basis to listen to them and resolve their concerns. The same care, focus on her well-being and level of professionalism that this patient experienced during her life-saving surgery were also part of her post-surgery experience. This was a very complex situation with very challenging dynamics.”

Officials say that the version of events provided by certain patient family members to CNN is not supported by the facts or the observations of many providers on Gilderhus’ care team. They add that, “This story lacks further clarification and context that CNN knew but chose not to use.”