The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is urging 4th of July revelers to plan ahead for a sober ride.

Mike Hanson joined the Office of Traffic Safety as director in November of 2017.

Director Mike Hanson said, “We are really asking people to make those good decisions, to plan ahead and do whatever it takes not to put yourself in a position where you either wind up in the back of a squad car, the back of an ambulance, or the back of a hearse.”

Other people, he said, are also put at risk. “You have a lot more people out and about. Typically alcohol can be a part of many 4th of July celebrations and that’s great, but we just ask people to make good, solid, responsible decisions when it comes to how they are getting to where they’re going and how they get home again,” he said.

The Fourth of July is typically one of the worst holidays for drunk driving and Hanson said roughly 4 people in Minnesota are arrested per hour during the holiday. He added that at this time of year, on average, 471 drivers will be arrested for DWI and eight will be seriously injured in an alcohol-related crash.