The Minnesota Reading and Math Corps is looking for tutors in the Mankato area for the upcoming school year.

Recruiter Becky Otis said the program is part of AmeriCorps and, “We mobilize Reading Corps tutors or Math Corps tutors in elementary schools or preschools to work with kids and help them succeed with their reading skills or their math skills.”

They’re looking to fill several positions in Mankato schools, including, “Kennedy Elementary, Washington Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Hoover Elementary, but we are also looking for our surrounding areas as well. Eagle Lake is looking for a tutor, St. Peter, Nicollet, and Lake Crystal.”

Otis explained they like to call it a community service and not a job, but it’s not an unpaid position. “I wouldn’t that any tutor is ever going to become insanely rich by becoming a part of Minnesota Reading and Math Corps,” she said, “However, you do receive a modest bi-weekly living stipend to do it and there are also a lot of other benefits depending on the hour commitment that you choose. Our fulltime members receive health care benefits as well as the AmeriCorps Segal Award, which is an education stipend.”

She said the education stipend of up to just under $6,000 can be used to pay off previous federal student loans or to continue an education.

Overall, they are looking for people that like to work with kids and Otis said, “The impact that we make with the students is data driven and it’s substantial, but also the impact that it has on our tutors is just as valuable. We hear from our tutors all the time about how much it improved their life as well.”

Math and literacy tutors are fully trained by Math Corps and Reading Corps and Otis said they come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from high school graduates to retirees.