Former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor, now U.S. Senator Tina Smith is preparing to introduce her first piece of legislation, two months after being sworn in.

Minnesota U.S. Senator Tina Smith.

“It really comes about as a response to all of the conversations I’ve had with Minnesotans about their real worries about health care costs,” she explained, “And especially the cost they are paying for their prescription medicine.”

Smith said it would close a loophole that benefits big pharma, “That is keeping lower cost generic medicine off the market longer.”

Generic drugs offer a big cost savings for patients, and Smith said big drug makers are quashing their availability. She said, “It can cost up to 80 percent less. So, what’s happening right now is big drug companies are paying money to the generic drug companies so that they will keep their generic alternative off the market.”

Smith said the Expanding Access to Low Cost Generic Drugs Act is, “A common sense measure that’s similar to a policy supported by the Trump Administration,” and she has vowed to fight to make it bipartisan because she said, “Unless you’re the CEO of a big drug company, you shouldn’t be opposed to this idea.”