D.F.L. State Senators are proposing a comprehensive plan to address gun violence. It focuses on school safety, research and gun safety.

Senator Matt Klein of Mendota Heights said students demanding action blame lawmakers from both parties for current school safety and gun violence failures. He said, “They hold us all responsible and I understand this is an issue with strong believers on both sides, but if we can’t discuss this acute and excruciating tragedy in the committee rooms of the state legislature, then why did they bother to send us here?”

Several gun violence prevention and school safety proposals have yet to get hearings at the State Capitol.

Ben Jaeger is a junior at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis and said the time for action on gun violence prevention is now because, “There are students as young as six who are worried about getting shot in their school right now and it’s only happening right here and to me that is an absolute failure of the people who have been in power until now to allow that to continue.”

Jaeger said students are planning to be at the State Capitol every day to demand action and keep pressure on lawmakers until change occurs.