The leader of the Minnesota House is hinting that state IT officials shouldn’t count on more than the 10 million additional dollars just approved to fix the state’s ailing vehicle registration system, MN-LARS.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt said, “If they can get it done on the system they have now, great.   We’ve given ’em some resources to do that, but I think based on the lack of success thus far, we need to explore other options at the same time — and I’m committed to making sure that we do that.”

He added that government should not be in the business of writing software if a commercially-available solution works and, “Forty-nine other states are doing this, and I have to believe that many are doing it successfully with a product that we could customize or adapt to our needs here in the state of Minnesota.”

Daudt stated that many lawmakers are worried the state could end up spending even more additional money to do the job internally and not get a vehicle registration system that works.

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