State lawmakers could vote Monday on a measure to help fund MN-LARS. There’s been partisan finger-pointing over the urgency of resolving the matter.

Democratic Senator Scott Dibble of Minneapolis said, “We might as well just turn the lights off on MNLARS and go home, because there’s going to be no one sitting at those terminals doing any of the programming or coding at the pace that we’re going.”

But Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said, “This is not the bill I wish we were playing games on and I know we all frankly want to get this done, I want it to be a bipartisan bill.”

Lawmakers worked throughout the weekend on a compromise to fund MN-LARS. That’s after Governor Dayton asked for $10 million to avoid laying off MN-LARS workers at the end of this month.

Dayton wants the state to charge a two-dollar “technology fee” beginning in fiscal 2019 for transactions on the state’s vehicle registration system to “support fixes of the MNLARS system and provide ongoing maintenance”.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jim Knoblach from Saint Cloud said that’s dead on arrival and, “To me it just adds insult to injury. He’s now going to try to charge everyone who uses the system to pay for this disaster. We’re not gonna do that.”

Governor Dayton responded, “We could leave it with way it is, if that’s not a viable alternative.”