Work will start later this month on mapping out several locations in south-central Minnesota as MnDOT prepares for road improvement projects.

This spring crews will conduct aerial mapping along Highway 19, from Gaylord to Highway 169, Highway 4, from Martin County Road 26 near Sherburn to Highway 68 and Highway 22, from Mankato to the Minnesota River Bridge in Saint Peter.

MnDOT District 7 Public Engagement Director Rebecca Arndt says the aerial mapping will help engineers in the planning process.

“Then they can see all of the current things that are built along the roadway. So they know that a farmer is using this field access and a building went up over here. If they needed to buy land or property, they can see what is there and what they should avoid.”

The three projects are still a ways out, with work on Highway 4 and Highway 19 scheduled to take place in 2022, with construction on Highway 22 occurring in 2023.

During the aerial mapping, MnDOT crews will paint large white “X” targets on paved surfaces and place plastic or fabric “X” targets on unpaved surfaces.

“With that in the background, the aerial view of their property they can quickly identify, if you’re going to put a road here, I’ll need move this access or barn,” said Arndt. “Then we go out to the communities with them, with draft concepts on them for feedback.”

Landowners selected for this survey will receive a letter from MnDOT with detailed information about the targets.