MnDOT is preparing for a weeks worth of finishing work on Highway 14 between Mankato and North Mankato starting on Monday.

While most of the work is nearly complete on the stretch of Highway 14 between Lookout Drive and Highway 22, additional work to repair the shoulders will take place Tuesday through Thursday, according to Public Affairs Coordinator Rebecca Arndt.

“We actually made a change in the contract, we think it will help with water ponding in the area. So, we’re gonna kind of shave those down. So just a lane restriction, they’ll still be able to get through. On Thursday they’ll do work on ramps and that can always throw you for a loop, so just be alert to that.” 

The 3rd Avenue and Riverfront Drive ramps for Highway 14, both east and westbound, will be closed one at a time.

“Speeds are high and people are just used to flying over and these workers will be right next to the road doing the shoulder work. So I just advise extream caution in our work area.”

The six miles stretch of Highway 14 between Mankato and North Mankato was refurbished this summer with a new overlay, new median guardrail and ditch repairs.

Highway 14 between Highway 22 and Blue Earth County  Road 12 will also be reduced to one lane in the eastbound lanes during the week to replace 10 concrete panels in the highway. The repair work will only take two days, but the concrete needs to cure for seven days before traffic is allowed on it.

“Our own crews will be out replacing those panels. They would have been part of the project, but we thought we could get them done last year before the contract was let. But, we weren’t able to do it with our own crews last year, you know how the seasons can get really short on us. Then after next week, we should be in really good shape. I think the only remaining thing is some culvert work that will not affect traffic.”

Crews will be installing the culvert between Victory Drive and Highway 22 and should complete the project by early October.

OMG Midwest was awarded the 5.3-million dollar project.