The Mankato Clinic has added some new equipment meant to make patients who come in for chemotherapy or other infusions a bit more comfortable during treatment.

Oncologist Dr. Suresh Devineni said new Medcor infusion chairs are making a difference in patient care and comfort because, “Sometimes these infusions take six hours or longer and we came up with a patient-centered focus to make their stay here as comfortable as possible and that’s why we got these new chairs.”

Dr. Devineni has also been selected as one of seven local Power in Purple Ambassadors and is helping to raise awareness about cancer, research, and education. He’s encouraging people to engage in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and raising money for the American Cancer Society. Donations can be made here.

He explained that many patients feel cold from the treatments and find it difficult to sit throughout the day and these chairs are wider and bigger, “And they have a massage feature, a heat feature so that when they are spending hours and hours in a chair we are trying to make that as comfortable for them as possible.”

They’ve been using the new chairs since June, and Devineni said it’s been a resounding success. “There is a patient who is asking me, ‘Can we get these in Rochester, too?’ He gets partially some treatments there and here and he’s so much looking forward to having a more comfortable experience.”

Terry Lewis of New Richland has multiple myeloma and has been receiving chemotherapy treatments at the Mankato Clinic since August 2017 and said, “These new chairs are larger. They offer heat and massage. It’s a lot more comfortable than the previous chairs.”

Terry Lewis of New Richland has been receiving chemotherapy treatments since August 2017 in the Mankato Clinic
Infusion Center. Lewis has multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects plasma cells. The plasma cells grow in the bone
marrow and can cause bone destruction, tumors, kidney damage and impaired immune function.

For Lewis, at 6’0″tall, they alleviate a lot of discomfort because during chemo, “It gets some after a few hours. Now you can move around and you can relax. It’s good stuff, yeah.”

He reclines and takes many naps in the new chairs. Lewis doesn’t use the heat, but he likes the massage feature.

Lewis has high praise for the staff at the infusion center. “They make the best of a bad situation. The staff here is incredible at keeping you comfortable and taking care of your needs,” he said, “And it’s tough. It’s tough sometimes because your body starts to make it hard for them to do their job.”

The Mankato Clinic Foundation donated half of the purchase price from its Cancer Patient Support Fund.