Mankato firefighters were sent to the Burger King restaurant of Riverfront Drive during the lunch hour on Thursday.

“Flames in the roof at Burger King. The flames were extinguished by the time we arrived. The kitchen hood is what was involved with the fire,” explained DPS – Fire Deputy Director Jeff Bengtson, “So, in other words, the grease that collected in the ductwork for the kitchen hood.”

Bengtson said there was a fire suppression system in the vent hood and, “It functioned the way it should and extinguished the fire. Our time was just spent overhauling that to make sure that it hadn’t breached that system or caused any other structural damage, which it did not.”

Restaurants are required to have their exhaust systems cleaned regularly, but Bengtson said when you combine grease and heat, “Any amount of accumulation could cause a fire. I guess it would be a good message to all restaurant owners, evaluate the frequency that you’re having your kitchen hoods inspected.”

The restaurant is open for business Friday.