As North Mankato focuses on prioritizing projects in the 2019 budget, Officials are also laying out plans in the long-term Capital Investment Plan.

The City sets aside 2-million dollars annually for equipment replacement, road repairs, facilities improvements and parks projects in the CIP.

Mayor Mark Dehen says his number one priority in the CIP would be building a new shelter and restrooms at Benson Park.

“I think that would make that park a lot more usable for the citizens and for events and those types of things. I think the other one that I’m seeing that is a new one that hasn’t been on our CIP, but adding restrooms near the Miracle Field and the new Fallenstein Playground. There’s no restrooms anywhere close to that area and the number of children up there utilizing that facility since we popped that thing open is outstanding.”

Another recreational improvement is updating Caswell Park, which is over 30 years old. Work would include updating lights and electric service in the area. That project would be eligible for sales tax funding in 2020, according to Finance Director Kevin McCann.

“What we’ve done is actually looked at the availability of the funding with the current debt rolling off. We do have availability to probably issue debt next year, for 5 to 8-million dollars is how we’ve kind of structured it. That could go up more if wait longer as the debt rolls off that’s currently on the books.” 

Officials are aiming to set aside 500-thousand dollars in 2019 for improvements to Commerce drive and another 500-thousand dollars to reconstruct Tyler Avenue. In 2020, 151-thousand dollars is being set aside for Safe Routes to School improvements at Dakota Meadows and then the following year in 2021, staff is preparing for 168-thousand dollars in Safe Routes funding at Monroe and Bridges elementary schools.