North Mankato will contribute up to 85-thousand dollars towards the Highway 169 levee project to raise the roadway above FEMA standards near the Highway 14 interchange.

Earlier this year the City of Mankato committed 1.6-million dollars to the approximately 3.3-million dollar project and the legislature kicked in 830-thousand dollars during the session. MnDOT has committed to picking up the other half of the bill.

North Mankato City Administrator John Harrenstein.

City Administrator John Harrenstein says while there wasn’t a legal obligation for North Mankato to participate in the project, the City Council opted to anyway.

“Despite the fact that we have literal flood damage across 169 that caused a wastewater pipe to disrupt, despite the fact that we have additional flood damage in other areas of the community with a sinkhole, we’re also gonna step forward with our partner, the City of Mankato, and provide 85-thousand dollars to ensure that that levee is certified to the satisfaction. So our property owners don’t have to worry about anything.”

If the updates were not made, residents and property owners would be required to purchase flood insurance when the new FEMA flood maps come out in 2019. The result could be an additional cost of 500-dollars per year for residential property.

MnDOT began work this month to raise the roadway above the 100-year base flood level with completion slated for sometime in November.