Two projects receiving interest will cost North Mankato less after bids came in under engineer’s estimates.

Holtmeier Construction was awarded the Marie Lane extension project with a bid of nearly 166-thousand dollars, according to City Engineer Dan Sarff.

“That bid was about 6-percent below the engineers estimate and about 3-percent below the next lowest bid. As I understand it, all of the provisions of the developers agreement associated with the Nature View Subdivision #2 have been accommodated.”

Construction will start this summer on the project to extend the roadway to the new high-end home subdivision. Street and utility extensions for Marie Lane will be from the intersection of Ivy Street to the east line of the proposed subdivision.

Meanwhile, the North Port Industrial Park utility extension project was awarded to Dirt Merchant with a bid totaling just under 633-thousand dollars to make new land at the site developable.

“Their bid was about 6-percent below the engineers estimate and about 8 1/2-percent below the next lowest bid. We do have a BDPI grant in the amount of approximately 50-percent of the construction costs and that also picks up some of the engineering cost.”

North Mankato will receive just over 394-thousand dollars from the Business Development Infrastructure Grant.

The extension of water and sewer services will take place west of Lookout Drive from Carlson Drive to Timm Road and is expected to start this spring. Work will also provide services to the north of Timm Road where future industrial development could also occur.