A 23-year-old North Mankato man is facing two counts of assault after Mankato Police say he attacked a bouncer at a local bar over the weekend.

Police were sent to the bar for a disturbance shortly after midnight, and found three bouncers restraining Shawn McCracken for assaulting a bar employee.

The victim told investigators that he was at the front door checking ID’s when McCracken jumped over a patio fence to get into the bar without being screened. When the bouncer escorted McCracken out of the business, the bar employee accused him of punching him in the face.

Police say McCracken was showing obvious signs of intoxication, including being belligerent, having slurred speech, and smelling like booze. The criminal complain shows a preliminary breath test showed a blood-alcohol level of 0.21.

Court documents show he has a previous conviction for assault in October of 2017.