An arrest warrant has been requested for a North Mankato man who police say sent text messages from Sibley Park in Mankato last week, threatening to kill himself and saying “it wouldn’t be good” if police showed up there.

When a Mankato Police officer arrived and found Jeremy Sankey sitting in his vehicle he said the suspect drove away and led them on a chase that took several squads down Riverfront Drive and Highway 169 and then to County Road 90 before the pursuit was called off.

Not long after a Blue Earth County Deputy found Sankey sitting in his car and tried for 45 minutes to de-escalate the situation. The criminal complaint shows that after Sankey was told he’d be taken into custody because he needed to be hospitalized, the 42-year-old yelled, “I got a gun,” and reached for his waistband. One officer tackled Sankey and knocked the gun from his hand while another deployed a taser and he was taken into custody.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun, but investigators say it very much looked like a real pistol.


Sankey was hospitalized and is expected to be taken to jail upon his release.