North Mankato is preparing to expand its industrial park to the west, which will include approximately 200 acres of new property.

On Monday night the City Council approved directing officials to prepare an engineering report that would take the North Port Industrial Park to the west of the Mayo Health System and Harrison Truck properties.

City Administrator John Harrenstein says the request confirms that the city is growing and that there is desire to develop in the industrial park.

North Mankato City Administrator John Harrenstein.

“What the city is contemplating now is a future extension of Carlson Drive and adding a lift station to the area to make sure that the sites are development ready, so industries can simply come in, purchase and build. We’re also expanding the park, therefore expanding the industrial tax base of the community that helps shoulder the burden for the homeowner. In terms of the property taxes they pay as well.”

Mayo Health Systems purchased 18.5-acres of land located on the southwest corner of Rockford Road and Carlson Drive in 2015. Harrison Truck purchased nearly 21-acres of property in 2016 that sits to the west of the Mayo property. Both properties are still undeveloped at this time.

Engineers will also work to design street and utility layouts and estimate development costs. Infrastructure improvements are tentatively planned to take place in 2019.

“It could be possible. At the very least we’re gonna be securing the necessary land in order to build the developments as soon as the industry responds to that availability.”

Some of the land that is still to be acquired sits in the Belgrade Township and Harrenstein says they plan on working with landowners to acquire the nearly 200 additional acres.

North Mankato received a grant of just over 349-thousand dollars earlier this year to extend sanitary sewer and waterman to provide service to 48 acres of undeveloped property. The extension will also provide services north of Timm Road in hopes of future expansion.

City Officials indicate that they plan to go after the same grant from the Greater Minnesota Business Development Infrastructure Program to aid in the expansion to the West.