City Officials responded to public concern on Monday night after 4.6-million gallons of sewer water spilled into the Minnesota River following a sewer line collapse in North Mankato last month.

With high river levels at the time, Mayor Mark Dehen says staff did a great job to prevent a much bigger problem.

Spring Lake Park.

“The early discussion was should we in some way try and inform the public and get them to reduce their water usage, in an effort to reduce the amount of spill that we were going to have. The discussion was, while we could do that, then that would concentrate the amount of wastewater going in, versus by not doing that we kept the affluent more dilute.”

On June 27, the line on North River Drive, near Roadhouse 169 collapsed and homeowners had sewer water backing up into their basements. As a result, sewer water was allowed to bypass the water treatment plant.

City Administrator John Harrenstein says they have not received notice from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that there are any problems with the water at Spring Lake Park due to the bypass.

“Somebody catch a catfish and I will eat it out of Spring Lake Park today. We don’t have any indication that there’s anything wrong with the water in the park. And so, until I receive any feedback, there’s no reason to suggest or to cause alarm with the public.”

In total, approximately 25 homes were damaged due to the line failure.