North Mankato has received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Economic Development to advance public infrastructure at its industrial park.

“We will use these funds to physically extend municipal utilities to property owned by the Port Authority,” says Community Development Director Mike Fischer.

The Business Development Infrastructure Grant totals 400-thousand dollars and the City Council has committed to matching 50-percent of the project cost for upgrades at the North Port Industrial Park. 

“The Port Authority has property in the industrial park, some of the property did not have municipal water and sewer service. So while we could market it, we couldn’t sell it basically shovel ready. So this will provide us the opportunity to extend water and sewer service to the site and make it developable tomorrow for anybody that wants to purchase.”

Recent additions to the Industrial Park over the last year include the new Palmer Bus facility along with the announcements that Blue Star Power Systems and Building Fasteners plan to build new facilities this year.

“We’ve always thought it’s been attractive that we can make it very easy for the people purchasing the property that we have the land, it’s serviced, all you have to do is buy it and start building. So, yeah, we have seen a lot of activity and are talking with individuals currently who may want to be out there now.”

In 2017 the City purchased 50-acres of land for 1.7-million dollars and later annexed the property into the industrial park to further advance development.

Work on building-out public infrastructure at the North Port Industrial Park is expected to start this spring.