Feedback from the North Mankato Rental Density Advisory Group has reaffirmed a 10-percent cap on rentals in areas zoned for single-family and duplex homes.

The Council has received recommendations from the group that oversaw aspects of the ordinance that was put into place in September of 2016. Some of the priorities included enforcing off-street parking, ensuring rentals underwent inspections and that rental strikes and complaints were addressed.

City Administrator John Harrenstein says they are seeing the rental density regulations work as they were intended to because they were limited to single-family housing districts.

North Mankato City Administrator John Harrenstein.

“North Mankato has about 15-percent of the rental properties in the area, but approximately 33-percent of rent subsidized units in the area. North Mankato is committed, and I want to reemphasize, to housing of all types for all families. That is reflected in the reality of our housing mix and the policy positions that the City Council has taken.”

When the ordinance was first implemented, Officials said the city had an overall rental density of 8-percent, with an existing renter rate of 16-percent in Lower North.

“The idea that the rental density guidelines are impacting rental rates is completely unfounded. Especially when discussing those topics with landlords, like those represented on the Rental Density Committee, or rental management firms in that area. It’s just simply not true that rental density guidelines are effecting affordable housing in this area.”

Harrenstein adds the City will continue to make sure that availabilities exist because he believes there is a need for more apartments and units.

Council members requested more information this week on the number of rentals licenses issued since implementation of the cap and the number of inspections completed, along with how many rental complaints and rental strikes have been issued. Members say a further summary report will help them before taking action or holding follow-up discussions.