An early morning police chase resulted in injuries to a Mankato Department of Public Safety officer and damage to two of the department’s squad vehicles.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton.

Commander Jeremy Clifton said the officer that was injured tried to pull over a vehicle driven by 25-yer-old Andrew McGuire of Lake Crystal at 1:20 Wednesday morning near the intersection of South Broad and Cherry streets. McGuire drove off and Clifton says a pursuit, “Did travel through the downtown corridor for a short period of time and then ended up on Riverfront drive, and then out on 169 south, and then on 60 toward Madelia. High rates of speed but highway travel corridor without a whole lot of traffic at that time of night on a weekday night.”

Clifton said, “The vehicle traveled off road after being spike stripped to try to terminate the pursuit and ended up in a farm field, essentially. The pursued vehicle hit two of our squad cars as a result, at the end of the pursuit, and then the driver was captured.” A passenger in the vehicle was released.

Among the requested charges, Clifton said, is driving while intoxicated because, “It appeared that he was under the influence, so we did some testing and that will be sent to the St. Paul lab to determine whether alcohol was on board or any other drugs of influence.” They’ve also asked the prosecutor to approve charges of criminal vehicular operation and running from police.

Clifton said the officer that was injured was treated and released at the hospital with, “Some bruised ribs and a hurt hand as a result of being jarred in the car when the pursuit actually ended.”

He explained that the situation is a reminder of the possible risks officers take every time they get behind the wheel of their squad cars and said, “There are inherent dangers in police work and this is one of them, right? Where we are in car chases and we want to end those situations as quickly and as safely as possible.”