So some group called “Probiogen” recently asked 2,000 people to name the old wives tales they still believe in. Now it’s 2019, pertnear 2020… no one should believe half of these, but here we are. See what they found as wives tales that the masses still believe.

  • 45% believe sleeping with wet hair will result in a cold
  • 41% believe eating chocolate causes acne
    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME! My mom had me fooled on this for years growing up. I missed out on so much chocolate for the fear of zits!
  • 42% believe cracking knuckles causes arthritis
  • 53% believe carrots improves eyesight
  • 45% believe spices clear sinuses
  • 41% believe chocolate is an aphrodisiac
  • 48% believe eggs raise cholesterol
  • 39% think coffee will stunt growth
  • 55% think milk builds strong bones
  • 49% think an apple a day will keep the doctor away
  • 47% think orange juice can prevent a cold
  • 40% think eating turkey makes you tired
  • 39% believe it takes seven years for swallowed gum to digest
  • 47% think chicken noodle soup clears colds
  • 44% believe you should feed a fever and starve a cold

Are there any you still believe?


Stunt Monkey