A man was jailed early Wednesday morning at Riverfront Studio Suites after a disagreement among coworkers broke out.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel said, “It appears that three coworkers were having an argument. One of the coworkers then assaults another coworker, one of them steps in and tries to stop it.”

The melee appears to have begun after Schisel said one of the men was, “Notified yesterday that he was being let go from his employment.”

Schisel said 58-year-old Ronald Hageman was arrested and is charged with assault causing substantial bodily harm. He was not the man who was fired. The other men involved man also be charged. Schisel explained, “The county attorney’s office is reviewing all of the case file to determine whether there are other charges pending.”

One man was treated for injuries received in the fight, Schisel said.