A Mankato Democrat continues to be frustrated with the pace at which the legislature is making progress in this short session.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

“My committees are basically looking at reports and hearing reports from various departments,” said Representative Jack Considine, “We are really not doing a lot of work.”

Considine explained that equally frustrating is that he continues to hear the same reports from the same departments in each of his committee meetings and, “Most of the work appears to be going on in conference committee – behind closed doors – where there are very few people from my caucus and nobody from the public scrutinizing what’s going on.”

Considine continues to push for the bonding bill to be introduced long before the end of the session – in 2016, a chaotic session end resulted in no bill for public improvement projects being passed, and last year a special session had to be called in order to finish bonding approval.

He says it’s unfair to lawmakers and to the public to be expected to approve a bill that has not been completely scrutinized.