Officials say it appears a seven-year-old Plymouth boy accidentally shot and killed himself Wednesday afternoon after finding a loaded gun in his home.

Plymouth Police Chief Michael Goldstein.

Plymouth Police Chief Michael Goldstein said, “So, maybe he’s assuming, well then this is a toy, too. And it ended up costing him his life.”

Goldstein said it appears the boy found the gun in a box–that also contained a new hoverboard–at his house and while the investigation is ongoing, “What we know for sure though, is that an irresponsible gun owner left the loaded firearm unsecured, with easy access to four children who reside in the home, this entire tragedy could have and should have been avoided.”

Officers responded to a report of a victim bleeding from the head due to a gunshot wound around 3:00 p.m. Wednesday. Paramedics gave the boy CPR but he died at the scene.