A Dakota Meadows Middle School student was arrested after police investigated threats made on social media. North Mankato police say the student was suspended last week after threatening a teacher but law enforcement was not involved at that time. However, investigators explained that the student went on social media the following weekend and made additional threats to the school.

Meanwhile, a school shooting threat at Granada Huntley East Chain sent students home early on Monday. School officials notified the Martin County Sheriff’s office after the threat was found in a school bathroom. While the suspect was quickly identified and the threat was determined not to be imminent, school leaders felt the safest course of action was to dismiss students for the remainder of the day. While the investigation continues, school staff and deputies have determined there is no danger to the school, students, or staff.

In addition, a second student has been arrested for making threats to shoot up the Jackson County Central High School. The Jackson County Sheriff’s office said several students heard the teen make the threats on Monday. No other details have been released.

The second arrest comes after another JCC student was arrested Sunday night following an alleged threat of violence against students at the high school. The sheriff’s office said that threat was made in an online game.