A 21-year-old New Ulm woman is facing two counts of assault and a disorderly conduct charge after Mankato Police say she first accosted a woman shopping at a convenience store and then followed her home and attacked her.

When police arrived at the victim’s apartment complex, the woman told them she first encountered Michelle Byro at the Kwik Trip on Monks Avenue – when the woman made a snide comment about her weave. The woman said Byro was obviously intoxicated and belligerent so she decided not to engage her and left the store.

The criminal complaint shows that Byro followed the victim to her car, but the woman drove away. Shortly after, she told police that a car sped up behind her and tried to run her off the road. Police say the vehicle followed the victim to her home and Byro got out of the driver’s seat of the vehicle and continued to yell.

The woman walked away toward her apartment but says Byro attacked her, hitting and scratching the victim several times before a male passenger dragged Byro back to the car.

Investigators say the victim’s car had also been keyed.

Byro first told police she hadn’t even been at the Kwik Trip, denied having an altercation with anyone, and claimed she’d gone directly to a Mankato apartment after wrapping up her shift at Mettler’s bar.

Investigators say she later admitted that she tried to pay the woman a compliment about her weave and that she thought it rude that the victim didn’t acknowledge that compliment. She continued to deny that she physically confronted the woman.