Minutes before the calendar turned over to Valentines Day, dispatchers sent Mankato Police to a disturbance that ended up with a highly intoxicated Mankato man facing two counts of domestic assault and one of interfering with a 911 call.

Investigators said the woman explained that she and 29-year-old William Jesseman split up six months prior and he’d been sleeping on the couch since, adding that the argument began when he refused to move out or pay rent and he also threatened to steal the victim’s dog.

The criminal complaint shows that Jesseman punched the woman in the face before taking her phone when she tried to cal 911. Investigators say Jesseman also told Victim he wanted to, “Choke her until she stopped breathing,” and, “He would love nothing more than to see her bleeding on the floor.”

Jesseman claimed the woman was the aggressor.

After blowing a .30 on a portable breath test, he was taken to detox.