Mankato Police are looking for a 42-year-old man accused of beating up his girlfriend at Land of Memories Park early this month.

Investigators say it was actually Brian Kruckeberg who called 911, reporting that someone was burning his clothing. However, when officers arrived they say they learned that he had grabbed the woman by the collar and began ‘ripping’ her around. The criminal complaint shows he then grabbed her by the arm and squeezed it.

The victim admitted she told Kruckeberg to leave and began throwing his clothes into the fire, and he left the park.

When police called his cell phone they say Kruckeberg claimed the woman was the aggressor and he never touched her, and also claimed that she had no injuries. Police say she had several bruises on her neck and arm. The call dropped and investigators say Kruckeberg didn’t answer several subsequent calls.

Kruckeberg has had more than 20 warrants issued against him in his lifetime, and MPD says he also has a conviction for escape from custody. He’s homeless and police do not know where he is at this time.