If you drive on Minnesota roads–you’ve noticed–pothole season is in full swing.

MnDOT’s Kevin Gutknecht said, “You need to certainly be aware of the roadway and what’s in front of you and try to avoid hitting them, or at least slow down when you hit a pothole, because speed is a factor; if you’re driving fast and you hit a hole, that’s going to be hard on your vehicle.”

Gutknecht says crews are out patching potholes now until more permanent fixes can be applied in summer and fall.

He added, if you know of a spot that needs some work in your city, “Call the public works department and say hey–there’s a problem on this road. MnDOT has a couple different systems on its website where you can report problems on the roadway, such as potholes. So yes, that’s definitely the thing to do.”

Gutknecht said if you need to swerve to avoid one–watch for other vehicles.