Last month a post went viral about Prancer, a Chihuahua who had been described as “demonic” and like a “haunted Victorian doll” has officially been adopted. Ariel Davis, 36, from New Haven, Connecticut was on Facebook one day when she came across a post about the dog needing to find a forever home. The original post went viral for how absurd it was, including describing the dog as “a chucky doll in a dogs body”. Despite this, Davis saw potential in the animal and proceeded to adopt him

During his first week in his new home, Davis was quoted saying, “He is a small, neurotic dog and it’s been hard coming from a chaotic home,” she said. “The first day he was adjusting, he just hung out and gathered his bearings.”

The adoption of Prancer has sparked interest in other dogs with unique needs to be adopted from the same shelter.

As for fans who want to keep up with Prancer, they can follow his new Instagram at @Prancerthechihuahua