A bill at the State Capitol would provide $9 million to help reimburse deputy registrars statewide in the wake of the troubled MN-LARS rollout earlier this year.

Representative Dave Baker of Willmar said the bill is a “disaster relief act” designed, “To get to the 174 offices that have tried desperately to get good customer service with a very bad IT system that rolled out and, as we’ve all seen and read, has not done well in any way.”

Baker explained that the one-time payment would be, “Based on transactions and numbers of transactions. So, this has been sort of agreed to by the Deputy Registrar Association and the group as a whole saying, ‘This is the most fair and quickest way to get the money out to some of these offices that are in some ways are just hanging on to barely stay in business.'”

Earlier this session Governor Dayton signed into law a $10 million funding bill for the state’s IT department with a goal of fixing MN-LARS moving forward.