Just over 2-million dollars worth of improvements will be made to Record Street in 2018, a much needed project on the aging roadway according to Mankato City Officials.

On Monday night, the Mankato Council approved a feasibility report and ordered biding out the project for improvements on the roadway between South Front Street and Shaubut Street. 

Deputy City Manager Allison Zelms says special assessments are schedule to be 20-percent of the project, relating to streets and sewer upgrades.

“This is probably one of the most significant remaining areas in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for major improvements to the roadway. There was a recent neighborhood meeting regarding this meeting, the major considerations there are whether or not to maintain the existing roadway formation, whether to change that formation relative to the seasonal no parking on one side.”

Senior Civil Engineer Michael McCarty says they plan to keep the roadway as is, as there was no desire to further impact the neighborhood. But, he added that they plan to look at seasonal no parking zones.

“The trade-off would be there that to preserve the character and feel of the neighborhood with the narrower street if we ever did allow parking on both sides, has a higher value than widening out to maintain a constant two-way operation. Makeup of the traffic is such that you don’t need to maintain. If someone has to take their turn during certain times of the year, which are fairly rare, the overall impact to the neighborhood would higher than the overall benefit gained.”

The project abuts 51 properties and improvements include new bituminous surfacing, lighting and sidewalks along with new sewer and water services to each and every lot.

Record Street runs to the west of the Lincoln Community Center and the roadway has not seen upgrades since the late 1990’s.