Governor Mark Dayton is urging legislators to pass a MinnesotaCare Buy-In option that would reportedly reduce costs and improve access for an estimated 100-thousand Minnesotans who buy insurance on the individual market.

At the State Capitol, House Representative Clark Johnson (D- North Mankato) said that residents want another choice.

“They see MinnesotaCare as an excellent choice for their family. Fundamentally what we’re proposing is that when Minnesotan’s go on the market in a couple of years, that they will see it among the options to buy-in to the MinnesotaCare. Some families will say, that’s not working for me, they’ll chose something else. But, I think many Minnesotan’s will say, that will meet the needs of my family.”

Rep. Clark Johnson

The proposal by the Governor would give all Minnesotans who purchase their insurance on the individual market the choice to buy MinnesotaCare Buy-In.

‘Fundamentally this is about health. The health of a family. When you don’t have health insurance, your health is at risk. But it’s also a fundamental issue of their economic health of that family. We’ve gotta do better. The MinnesotaCare Buy-In, I feel strongly, is the way to do that. Again, I call on the Republican leadership to hold hearings and lets get moving on this.”

The Minnesota Health Access Survey found that Minnesota’s uninsured rate increased to 6.3 percent in 2017, leaving over 349-thousand Minnesotans without health coverage. About 116-thousand fewer residents had health coverage in 2017 than the last time the survey was conducted in 2015.