The Republican Farmer Labor Caucus is officially an affiliate of the Minnesota GOP Party.

During the Republican convention last weekend, delegates voted in favor of adding the RFL to the Republican Party.

House Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal) says the DFL party hasn’t supported farming issues for two generations.

Republican District 23B state Representative, Jeremy Munson.

“It’s actually the Republican Part that’s out there trying to roll back burdensome regulations on farmers. We’re the ones trying to fix the Schedule 179, you know, deduction tax code to conform to with federal issues. I got a call from a farmer today, they wanted to buy a new combine, but because Governor (Mark) Dayton vetoed to the tax bill, they’re wondering if they can even buy this piece of machinery without paying major consequences.”

Munson adds that the RFL isn’t being negative on Democrats, but highlighting which party is supporting farmers and laborers.

“Most people in Minnesota don’t realize that the Democratic Farmer-Laborer Party is unique to Minnesota. All 49 other state’s say Democrats. It was just in the history of Farmer, Laborer party merged with the Democratic Party in the last century and they’ve maintained the name. But, it’s confusing to the public. So ideally we’d love to go back to Democrats and Republicans, but if they insist on using the DFL as their name, we’ll be out there educating people on which issues we’re going for at the capitol.”

With over 73-thousand farm operations in Minnesota, Munson says Agriculture is the backbone of the states economy and more needs to be done to transition family farms to the next generation.

“One of the bills that the Democrats did support, which benefited farmers, was bringing money for mental health treatment for farmers. They saw this enormous need in the last few years that so many more farmers are seeking mental health treatment. We had a psychiatrist come in and talking about his visiting with farmers and why the need. His answer was regulations and taxes. It’s causing so much stress in family farming lives.”

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